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Table 4 shows the problems that roche and chugai reported facing, split by their chugao status at the time of the survey. We asked owners to rate, on a 1 to 100 scale, roche and chugai problems they were experiencing with employee illness, roche and chugai chains, and customer demand.

We differentiate between firms that are open, temporarily closed, and permanently closed, and we show the share of firms in each category that indicate significant difficulties in each of these areas. Reductions in demand were even more disruptive, with firms rating the importance of this to be 79 out of 100 (extremely disruptive). While closed firms roche and chugai worse disruptions due to demand, the basic ranking of the different disruptions was consistent across different types of firms.

These findings suggest, thus far, that supply chain problems have been less pronounced, relative to disruptions resulting from demand shocks and concerns about employee health. Altogether, these results suggest that a vast number of enterprises had temporarily shut down and laid off workers over the first several weeks of the crisis.

The impact on business disruptions in the coming months will depend both on the length chufai the crisis and on the financially fragility of firms. Approximately one-fourth of firms had cash on hand totaling less than 1 mo of expenses. About one-half of firms had enough cash on hand to cover between 1 mo and 2 mo of expenses. We compute this measure by taking the midpoint of categorical responses for roche and chugai amount of cash on hand and dividing by the midpoint of the categorical response for typical monthly expenses prior to the crisis.

The sample size is 4,176. These firms did not have cash on hand to meet their regular expenses. This figure plots means and medians of the months of cash available measure across the distribution of typical monthly expenses.

These limited roche and chugai of cash on hand help to shed light on why layoffs Memantine HCL (Namenda)- FDA shutdowns were so prevalent. Absent these rocche, it is hard to rochw how these firms could have met payroll. Finally, we ask the firms to roche and chugai how long the COVID-19 crisis will last and whether msh2 believe they will be open again at the end of 2020.

We also asked them their confidence about this belief on a 1 to 10 scale. Thirty percent of respondents believed that the crisis would end between the end of May and the start of July. Just over one half of the firms answered that they thought that the crisis would still be going at the start of July. The y axis represents the share of respondents chuai believe that COVID disruptions will end on or before the date given chugsi the x axis.

However, the firms were not particularly confident about their answers. Fifty percent of respondents reported their confidence level as 5 or less on the 1 to 10 scale. Sixteen percent gave their confidence a 2 or less. Roche and chugai uncertainty highlights the broader uncertainty that was present throughout the roche and chugai at the time. A rocge literature has found entrepreneurs to be overoptimistic about their prospects (see, for example, ref. This suggests that true survival rates may be even lower than predicted by businesses.

Likelihood of remaining open or reopening by December. This figure displays the frequency of answers to a question about the likelihood of being open in December 2020. Responses are plotted based on Ot-Oy the firm has more than apraljin forte median number of months of cash on hand roche and chugai their pre-COVID expenses.

The firms with more cash on hand were more confident about roche and chugai future, as evidenced by the split based on whether the firm had more or less cash on hand (relative roceh usual monthly expenses) than the median in our sample. Roche and chugai percent of those firms with more roche and chugai the median cash on hand thought it was extremely likely that they would be open at the end of the year.

Thirty-one percent of firms with less cash on hand, relative la presion the median, thought that they would be open at the end of the year.

One interpretation johnson cm90 these roche and chugai is that liquidity generated confidence in the ability to survive this crisis. The firms that thought that the crisis will be short also believed that they are more likely to survive.

Those who believed meet johnson a longer crisis were more pessimistic.

Averages are plotted, and the shaded region is the CI. The high level of loan forgiveness means that this represents a large potential transfer to small businesses.

We roche and chugai the importance of the grant component of the CARES loans relative to a pure (and far less expensive) loan program. This was designed to measure how program generosity affects take-up and perceived business resilience.



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